Linear Dc Actuator Manufacturer

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About Us
   Shangyu Oukai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (formerly Yuyao Hongqi Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer of linear actuators, with 10 years of production experience and strong technical force.
   The company boasts modern automated assembly line and complete testing equipment. All staff undergoes rigorous training and all management personnel possess college education or have many years of work experience.
   The computer technology widely applied in the development and omega replica uk production management, quality control of new products. We have set fixed-point of key equipment and do regular aging test, as well as casual inspection before entering into factory, entire review to special equipment and quality control to all production lines. We hold 100% fake omega watches strict inspection before products into the warehouse in order to make the company continuously improve product quality. We’re dedicated to serving clients with advanced technology, flexible marketing and excellent after-sales service.
   The company always adheres to "high standards, high quality, continuous improvement, and strive to better" quality policy.  cooperated with many well-known businesses, which are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and North America region and received the trust of several enterprises in the world. We provide excellent quality for your product to win the market and look forward to your cooperation!
   Currently, the annual productivity of electric linear actuators reach 200,000 sets. A new production pipeline will be added recently. So that the replica watches uk company's production capacity increasingly grows further. We will provide you with higher quality products and services.Linear Dc Actuator Manufacturer


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