4 Drop Open Gate System-Multi Cavity System manufacturers

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Our History
Since its inception, Aspire Thermotek Co., Ltd has always been put the research and innovation into first priority, and up till now, We are the one Chinese company that specializes in and delicates to the research, development as well as manufacturing of hot runner system.
Our Factory
With years of development, our R&D team consists of innovative experts and talent in photoelectric technology field, this brilliant R&D team combined their research and manufacturing experiences accumulated over the past few decades, and after taking the harsh site working condition as well as long working hours into consideration, they researched and developed many specialized hot runner system and structure which perfectly meet the customer demand.
All of our equipments are certified by ISO and CE and we could apply to manufacture a wide range of hot runner system.
Our hot runner system have already been successfully exported in overseas market such as , Japan锛孨ew Zealand,Canada,Spain,India,Southeast Asia and other overseas markets with delightful feedback.
Our professional trouble-shooting team will provide all kinds of technical support you may ever need before during and after the operation of our hot runner system, meanwhile the online support is also available 24/7.
Our Product
Multi-cavity hot runner system;Valve gate system;Open gate system;Side gate system;Hot sprue;Hot runner system controller.
Product Application
Medical consumables;Daily necessities;Package cap;Gear;Electronic digital category;Sili;Automotive supplies;
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Serial NumberProduct DescriptionImageQuantity
1Japan Mazak seven-axis Turning and Milling Compound Machining Center1
2Japan Mazak five-axis parts Machining Center1
3Japan Sodick AD32Ls EDM1
4Japan Sodick VL600Q semi-permanent slow-feeding NC wire-cut machine1
6Taiwan KENT KGS-84AH three-axis saddle type automatic surface grinder1
7China Taiqun Machinery TV-6 Three-axis Rail Five-axis Parts Machining Center1
8China Taiwan Group Machinery T-8 Three-axis Rail Five-axis Parts Machining Center1
9Taiwan Fuyu FCL-200 Fully Automatic Computerized CNC Lathe2
China Xianyang Machine Tool Factory1
11Foshan Fengbao Precision Precision Mechanical Vertical Turret Milling Machine FTM-E31
12Nanjing Neo-Kefa Electromachinery Manufacturing HMK3000 dual frequency horizontal honing machine1
Production Market
Market:China;Japan;America;New Zealand;India;Canada;Spain;
Our Service
Pre-sale Service:
1. Prepare and exchange materials and possible entry points, preliminarily determine the main attack direction and make detailed preparations based on the information in the first stage, and strive to highlight the advantages;
2. Conduct preliminary communication with customers to arouse their interest;
3. To visit clients for communication and look for breakthroughs;
4. After a period of communication, accurate sample delivery can be carried out, complete data preparation and ensure that customers receive銆乸roperly keep and experiment;
5. Actively carry out return visits and exchanges, and urge customers to enter into normal procurement procedures銆?/p>
Sale Service:
1. Initially enter into normal procurement and production procedures, and frequently visit customers to ensure the integrity of the process from order confirmation to on-time delivery, and timely solve various problems;
2. Strive to become the main supplier and steadily supply the products required by customers;
3. Strengthen communication, strive to create new demands and new growth points together with customers, promote the demand for our existing products and promote the development of our new products, and strive to establish partnership銆?/p>
After-sale Service:
1.Strive to maintain customer relations, and actively install and debug products for consumers;
2.Provide technical guidance on use as required by customer;
3.Guarantee the supply of products for maintenance;
4.Responsible for maintenance services, and provide regular maintenance and regular maintenance;
5.Provide regular telephone or home visits for customers;
6.Carry out quality warranty service for the products;
Deal with customers' letters and visits and complaints over the phone, answer customers' inquiries, collect customers' opinions on product quality by various means, and make timely improvement according to the situation.4 Drop Open Gate System-Multi Cavity System manufacturers


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