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Gospell Wrist temperature measurement terminal of face recognition machine.
High precision, security and stability, temperature anomaly alert, mask identification.
鈻?Extremely accurate temperature measurement
High precision medical-grade non-contact temperature measurement, with the body wrist temperature measurement, temperature measurement accuracy up to卤Temperature measurement, automatic collection and recording of body temperature information can be measured in real time at 0.2degrees C.
鈻?Alert for abnormal body temperature
If the temperature data exceeds the threshold set by the user, the terminal will issue an abnormal warning to effectively screen people with abnormal body temperature.
鈻?Wearing a mask to identify
Integrated mask detection function, determine whether the passer-by wearing a mask, but also to the wearer face recognition match to ensure the safety of the identity of the person.
鈻狥ace recognition
Based on face recognition technology, contactless access and attendance are realized, effectively avoiding the potential risks posed by traditional contact access control.
鈻?Two-eye live anti-counterfeiting detection
Equipped with binocular camera, can effectively resist photos, videos and other cheating attacks, to ensure data accuracy.
鈻?Face libraries
Standard with a 30,000-level face library, and through face recognition matching, can quickly lock the body temperature abnormal target identity, improve the pre-warning, in-process, after-the-fact traceability of the work efficiency.
鈻?Safe and stable
A high-performance, high-stability embedded Linux system with built-in high-performance AI processors.
鈻?Quick deployment
Support gate, wall mount, rapid deployment, to meet a variety of installation environment and scene application needs, reduce the risk of cross-infection, save manpower, material resources.
鈻?Use environment
Using the external temperature measurement module, the temperature measurement accuracy is not affected by the operating temperature of the fuselage, the body IP67 protection rating (the temperature measurement part is not waterproof), adapted to the extremely wide temperature -30degrees C to70degrees C range.
Basic Information
Basic informationProduct nameWrist temperature-measured face recognition terminal
Product modelGOS7-5MA0721-E-L02
Operating systemEmbedded Linux Systems
DisplaySize7-inch IPS full screen
CameraResolution200W Pixels (1920 x 1080)
Sensor1/2.7 inch low-light CMOS sensor
LensHD Fixed Focus 4mm and Iris F2.2
White BalanceAutomatic, low color temperature, high color temperature, manual
Wide dynamicDigital width dynamic and true wide dynamic
Re-lightingRGB(Natural Light) and Infrared Lights
Body temperature measurementTemperature range32degrees C to45degrees C
Temperature distance10cm
Temperature accuracyUp to.2degrees C
Measuring resolution0.02degrees C
Smart featuresDetection angleVertical view:90 degrees, horizontal view:53 degrees
Face detectionMaximum face detection
Storage capacity30,000 face bottom libraries, 150,000 records stored
1:N Face RecognitionIdentification speed of0.2S/person, identification accuracy of99.99%
Stranger DetectionSupport
Identify distances0.3m-2.0m adjustable
Configuration settingsWeb side configuration, remote upgrade of devices
Identify parameter settingsBlack and white list, detection sensitivity, comparison threshold, area arming, face frame switch
Live detectionSupport
Mask recognitionFace recognition with mask, voice prompts without mask
InterfaceCommunicationSupport for wired
Network interface1 x 10/100M Network Adaptation,RJ45 Interface
Audio interfaceBuilt-in speakers, voice broadcasts
Relay output1 normally open signal,1 normally closed signal
Wigan InterfaceThree (D0, D1, GND ) for Wigan 26,34
Switching signalSwitch Button Access 1, door magnetic signal access 1
Reset interface2(SHORT RESET: Restore Factory Settings)
Conventional parameterPowerDV12卤30%
Working EnvironmentTEMPERATURE:-30 掳C ~ 70 掳C humidity: 10 ~ 90% RH
Protection levelIP67 protection class (note temperature measurement part is not waterproof) , anti-static: contact 6KV, AIR 8KV
Installation modeWall mounting, brake mounting
Company Profiles
Gospell was awarded "National Electronic Information Industry Model Enterprise" in 2013, and identified as "Famous Trademark" in 2014, also awarded "Hunan Province Governor Quality Award" in 2014, gained "Quality Credit Rating Certificate AAA" in 2015.
"High-frequency Microwave Copper-clad Plate Industry Model Enterprise" in 2015, "Beijing Science and Technology Award" in 2016, Gospell has a much higher brand influence in domestic and foreign markets.Medical Safety Protection Products manufacturers


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